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Hednesford in Partnership
Pye Green Community Centre
Bradbury Lane, Hednesford
7 Staffordshire, WS12 4EP

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Welcome to Hednesford in Partnership

Hednesford in Partnership (HiP) is a newly formed organisation, set up with the intention of bringing together groups already actively working in the community, to encourage collaboration and a more streamlined way of working.

With the help and support of local residents, traders, business owners, schools and Town Council representatives, HiP has started to formulate a short, medium and long term plan for Hednesford which will involve the need for funding and the input of local groups and volunteers to execute a range of projects.

The primary aims and objectives of the partnership are to:

Facilitate collaboration between local bodies, to promote Hednesford as a great place in which to live, work, do business and visit

Combine the forces of local organisations in order to develop funding bids for community wide and specific local projects, thereby potentially attracting greater investment

Provide a transparent way for local organisations to share with each other information about the activities they are undertaking, their experiences, local intelligence and best practice

Assist with the promotion and coordination of community events and initiatives (such as dementia friendly community)

Encourage individuals to volunteer in support of the work of community organisations and create a pool of volunteers to help across all groups and projects

For more information please contact Paul Woodhead on 07930 120077 or by emailing